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USB 3.0 To Fiber Optic Extender Support Kinect 2.0 and USB3.0 Camera and more

USB 3.0 over Fiber Optic Extender

USB 3.0 to Fiber Optic Extender, also called USB3.0 to Fiber Converter. The device includes a transmitter (client-side) and a receiver (host-side), which can extend the SuperSpeed USB3.0 to a remote location over 1or 2 core fiber cable, max distance 250m (SM or MM fiber cable).  The device can extend high bandwidth USB 3.0 webcams and storage devices ,be widely used in military command and control system, police command and control system, traffic management system, energy and electricity supply industry, government office, medical system, commercial presentation, multimedia and public utilities etc.

1) Max extension distance 250m (SM or MM fiber cable).
2) Single/Duplex fiber transmission, pure hardware design, no driver needed,
3) Compatible with all operation systems, support plug and play
4) Support USB3.0 SuperSpeed up to 5Gbps, USB 3.0 Type A Receptacle
5) Not backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1

 Equipment powered sequence:
1) Receiver (host-side) powered with the DC 5 v adapter , powered via USB port from host PC
2) Transmitter (client-side) powered with the DC 5 v adapter
3) The USB3.0 device connect to the transmitter (client-side)

If the host PC does not recognize the device, you can carry out the following operations:
1) Press the REST key of transmitter (client-side), restart the device.
2) Click the “device manager”, see “USB3.0 hub” – off “power management” attribute in the page “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power options;
3) Connect another USB3.0 interface of host PC.
4) Uninstall the “USB3.0 hub” in the device manager, reconnect.
When the device is working, do not plug USB3.0 and fiber cable, so as to avoid the equipment does not work properly.

 Technical parameter list: (USB 3.0 over Fiber Optic Extender)

  Physical Port    1x LC (Single-mode fiber), 1x usb(RX), 1x usb(TX) 
  Transmission Distance    0-250m over SM / 0-250m over MM 
  Input/ Output Wave Length    1310nm / 1550nm 
  USB interface of the transmitter    Connect to USB3.0 interface camera, printer, U disk, mouse and keyboard, etc
  USB interface of the receiver    Connect to PC / DVR 
  Sampling Bandwidth    10bit 
  Power    DC5V
  Power Consumption    <3W 
  Working Environment    Working Temperature: ﹣20℃~70℃; Relative Humidity: 0 ~ 95% (no cold condensation)
  Dimension / Gross Weight    104 x 104 x 28 mm (Tx) / 0.75 kg per pair 



 More pictures:

USB over Fiber Optic Extender
USB over Fiber Optic Extender
USB over Fiber Optic Extender