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16 Channel Audio over Fiber Extender / 8 Channel Bidi Audio over Fiber Extender

16 Channel Audio over Fiber Extender
Benifits description:
1) 16x Audio input at the transmitter side (Standard terminal lead)
2) 16x Audio output at the receiver side (Standard terminal lead)
3) 1x FC/SC/ST connector

1) Transmit 16 Channel Stereo Audio over one single optical Fiber.
2) Support Frequency Response from 10 Hz to 29kHz @±3dB.
3) LED indicators.
4) Supports hot swapping and hot plugging.
5) 24-Bit Digitally Encoded Audio
6) Support Point-to-Point or Daisy-Chain connection
7) Multimode Fiber transmit up to 4km without Optical Attenuation
8) No EMI, RFI, Cross Talk or Video Distortion and no ground loops


16 Channel Audio over Fiber Extender sends 16 channels line level audios over one multi-mode or single-mode optical fiber. The fiber optic transmitter and fiber optic receiver are typically used in applications for Rental, Staging, Theater, Stadiums, Theme Parks, Broadcast/Studio, CCTV audio and Professional AV applications, etc, and are available for stand-alone or rack-mount installations. FC, ST or SC optical connectors is optional. Plug and Play design ensures adjustment-free installation and operation, and optical adjustments are never required. LED indicators are provided to instantly monitor the system operating status.

Technical parameter list:

 Product Name   16 Channel Audio over Fiber Extender
 Product Model   HK-16A  
 Audio Connector   Standard terminal lead 
 Optical Fiber   Single mode / Multimode, FC/SC/ST, Simplex, 
 Extend Distance    0-20km over SM / 0-4km over MM
 Power Supply   AC85-260V/DC 5V2A  
 Power Consumption   4.5W 
 Dimension / GW  104 x 104 x 28 mm / 0.90 kg per pair  
 Working Environment   Working Temperature: -20°C to 55°C; Relative Humidity: 0 ~ 95% (no cold condensation)
 Warranty   2 Years 


16 Channel Audio over Fiber Extender