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4 Channel Balanced XLR Audio to Fiber Converter and Extender Kit

Benifits description:
1) 4x Balanced audio input at the transmitter side (XLR Female)
2) 4x Balanced audio output at the receiver side (XLR Male)
3) 1x FC/SC/ST connector

1) Transmit several audios over one fiber.
2) Support Frequency Response from 10 Hz to 44.1kHz @±3dB.
3) LED indicators.
4) Supports hot swapping and hot plugging.


The fiber extender kit sends 4-channel balanced line level XLR audio over a single fiber cable. The system consists of a transmitter and receiver that support 16-bit digitally encoded broadcast audio for use on multimode or singlemode optical fiber. This extender transmits a broadcast quality audio signal up to 1600 feet on multimode fiber and up to 12.5 miles on singlemode fiber.

Technical parameter list:

 Product Name   4 Channel Balanced XLR Audio to Fiber Converter and Extender Kit    
 Product Model   HK-4A-XLR 
 Audio Connector   XLR   
 Optical Fiber   Single mode / Multimode, FC/SC/ST, Simplex, 
 Power Supply   AC85-260V/DC 5V2A  
 Power Consumption   5W 
 Dimension / GW  168 x 154 x 45 mm / 2.50 kg per pair  
 Working Environment   Working Temperature: 0 ℃~+55 ℃; Relative Humidity: 0 ~ 95% (no cold condensation)
 Warranty   2 Years 



Updated version B:

4 channel XLR extender
 2 Ch bidi Balaned audio extender